As a real estate agent, life can get a little busy and overwhelming with everything on your to-do list. Our team at ZooWho created a list of the 5 best apps for real estate agents. Each of these apps can help you juggle different aspects of your job as a real estate agent!


CamScanner is one of the best apps for real estate agents. This is an app that allows you to scan documents into clear pdfs that can be emailed, faxed, printed, or saved to your device. This app takes out the hassle of scanning documents and allows you to take care of important paperwork on the go. Digitizing your documents means that you can take them anywhere with you, allowing you to travel with your office as you meet with clients. With CamScanner, you can easily share documents with clients. Use this app to simplify paperwork– the worst part of any job!


Canva is a free graphic design platform that is most often used to create social media graphics, presentations, and other visual content. This app helps real estate agents create graphics for their website, flyers, and more for their business. You can use canva from your phone or from their website online. When it comes to graphic design skills, most people need the skills themselves or need to hire someone to create flyers, business cards, ads, etc. With Canva, it takes the guesswork out of graphic design!


HelloSign is an app that helps remove the hassle of getting signatures from clients. In a time where meeting in person is not always possible, there needs to be an alternative! Users of HelloSign can electronically request legally valid signatures for any document. HelloSign is available on mobile and desktop and makes it simple to format and send documents to your clients. Because this app can be used across devices, agents can keep their office and any documents with them at all times.


Clockify is a time management and tracking app made specifically for real estate agents. It helps agents track work hours across different projects with unlimited users. Users can track the amount of time spent on applications, documents, or with a client. Clockify is available as an app on mobile and desktop and is also available as a browser extension. This app also offers reports from its dashboard to identify where most of your time is being allocated.


Built by a real estate agent himself, Circles is a free app for real estate agents that acts as a basic CRM. With Circles, users can set contact frequency goals, add important details, facts, and notes about each of their contacts and can get push notifications reminders to reach out to each of their connections. The app includes the basic functions of a CRM, but Circles is also in the process of creating a more robust CRM meant especially for real estate agents. Another helpful feature of Circles is that it shows your most recent communication with your clients by integrating email features, and also shows all of your connection’s latest the last social media posts of your connection.

Finding reliable apps and programs as a real estate agent can be tough, especially when it comes to pricing. Luckily, each of these apps for real estate agents is completely free. Download any of these apps on IOS or Android and see for yourself how they can simplify your busy life!

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