Business networking can be an intimidating challenge but can provide you with new opportunities if you are willing to look for them. However, some things can get in the way of your success when creating a business network. Here are 5 networking myths that you need to forget so you can become a better networker.   

You’re Only in It for Yourself  

Creating a business network is not just about asking from other people. In fact, this kind of networking often fails. However, a key to building a great network is to create reciprocal relationships. Letting people know that you are willing to help will often unlock new opportunities without exerting additional effort. Learn to be generous and offer what you can, and you’ll gain a lot more from your relationships.  

You need to know someone to reach out  

While having a relationship with those you reach out to can increase the likelihood of good results, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to people you don’t know. This is a controversial subject and some people aren’t comfortable connecting with a stranger. However, you would be surprised at how willing and able most people are to help. Still, it’s important to remember that the quality of connections is more important than quantity. Make sure the people you connect with have similar goals and interests so that you can provide value for each other!  

You don’t have anything to contribute  

Business networking is a two-way street. If you feel like you don’t have anything to share with others, look a little harder. Everyone has a special talent, never underestimate what you can contribute. Finding ways to help those in your network doesn’t have to be anything grand! Often, it’s the small and simple acts of kindness that will benefit others and significantly impact them more than you realize.   

Networking is all about schmoozing  

This myth is one that makes people think that networking is slimy and fake. Some people schmooze and flatter to get value from their business networks, but this isn’t really networking. If you want to network right, it should consist of building and deepening relationships and striving to provide value to everyone you meet. By focusing on the relationships you’re building, networking becomes more authentic and genuine.   

You Don’t Need Help Organizing Relationships  

Many people think that networking doesn’t require organization. While this may be true for some, It can be difficult to remember important details about everyone that you meet. Using a relationship management tool like Circles: Your CRM” can be helpful in helping you remember the details about people that you meet, especially those who are in your business network. This enables you to do more networking and build more relationships. The burden of remembering important details is now on the app, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on people and really hear their needs. 

Networking can be fulfilling and exciting if you learn to do it right. By avoiding these networking myths, you can become better at networking and can build deeper and more meaningful relationships. 

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