Everyone knows how important it is to spend time networking and meeting people. Most opportunities come from people you know! However, many people don’t know what steps to take after participating in business networking events. Here are some tips to help strengthen your relationships with people after you make an initial connection.   

Follow Up  

By far the most important thing you can do after connecting with someone is to follow up promptly. If you wait too long to follow up, your time would have passed and your connections may not remember who you are. Following up with a connection helps keep you at the top of their mind and can open more opportunities. Try following up with someone you just met and mention something from your previous conversation. Remembering small details helps create a more genuine relationship and can lead to future opportunities with this connection.  

Show Your Value  

After networking and connecting with others, you want to show them that you are a valuable asset. It’s a great reminder that everyone has unique talents and assets. Instead of only thinking of what you can gain from your network, think of ways that you can give them value and help them. Simon Sinek says, “When we help ourselves, we find moments of happiness. When we help others, we find lasting fulfillment.” Look for ways that you can use your unique talents to help those in your network.  

Take Action  

Networking offers no value if you don’t take action. Give your service to people who can benefit from them or ask for an introduction! Networking events are filled with opportunities to help one another but unless you act on them, they just go to waste. It can also be helpful to categorize the people you connect with. Some might be potential leads, partners, or just people you want to build a relationship with. Categorizing in this manner allows you to decide on the actions you will want to take. It will also define what kind of relationship you are building with each of your connections.   

Make Notes of Important Details  

As soon as you leave a networking event, you should immediately take some time to jot down important details, facts, and dates about each person you connected with. Having these personalized details about your contacts not only helps you remember them in the future, but it also gives you an excuse to reach out to these connections again. Using an app like Circles: Your CRM” makes it easy to store information about each of your connections and can help you find ways to nurture your relationships. This provides an easy way to taking notes that will always be accessible wherever you are. Personalizing your relationships is so important because it will give you more meaningful connections and can help build your business network.  

It’s important to create reciprocal relationships and have a network of people that can rely on each other. If you follow each of these 5 tips after participating in a business networking event, you will be able to create deeper, longer-lasting relationships with your connections.    

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