Managing each relationship in your life can be taxing. Whether you are trying to be a better employee, friend, neighbor, or church member, these tips can help you become a better relationship manager. See how you can become better at staying in touch with the people you care about!  

Prioritize Your Relationships  

The first tip for staying in touch is to prioritize your relationships. With how many people we have in our lives, it’s impossible to reach out to them all regularly. Instead, try focusing on which relationships are most important to you and which ones you are actively trying to grow. If you categorize your contacts, you can spend more time cultivating the relationships that are most meaningful to you.   

Set Goals

Another important tip for becoming a better relationship manager is to set goals. Often, these goals will have to do with how often you reach out to your contacts. As we mentioned, it isn’t possible to reach out to everyone in your life every day. By setting reasonable goals to reach out to others on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis, it makes the goal of staying in touch much more attainable.   

Determine How You Want to Connect

Because there are so many ways to reach out to others, determining how to connect is an important step in relationship management. An in-person connection is usually the best, when possible. However, this isn’t always an option. By utilizing social media, texts, phone calls, and video chats you can  connect in meaningful ways and stay in touch with each of your contacts.   

Utilize a Relationship Management App

Something that can take the stress off of you as you try to be a better relationship manager is utilizing a personal CRM. A CRM is a relationship management tool. These apps help users keep track of personal relationships, details, and facts and can include reminders to reach out. Circles is an example of personal CRM with all of these features and more. It allows users to set contact goals, and sends out reminders to complete their goals. It also has sections to include important dates, details, goals, and facts about each of your connections.  

Follow Up & Remember Important Details

One of the most important things to remember when managing your relationships is to remember to reach out and follow up. By remembering important details and dates, this is simple to do. Try reaching out to your connections on their birthday or anniversary. Or, you can message them about an interesting detail on their profile to show that you remember and care. This is a vital step because it fosters more regular communication and relationship growth, and is the step that will help you cultivate the most meaningful relationships.   

Remembering to reach out to each of your contacts is difficult, but not impossible if you use the right tools! By learning how to effectively stay in touch with your contacts, your relationship management goals can become more attainable than ever.

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