Finding ways to reach out and be there for your ministering families can be difficult, especially in times when meeting up in person isn’t always an option. Our CEO, Sean, faced similar difficulties when it came to keeping track of important things about each of his ministering families. He says, “Good ministering is truly knowing the people you minister to.” He knew that not only do you need to know about likes, dislikes, needs, and important events in their lives, but you need to remember them.

This can be hard to do with only two families that you minister to, let alone all the other people you reach out for your church callings. This is why Sean created Circles, a tool to make your life easier. Circles was written by a member who had also struggled with ministering and wanted a better way to serve families. Here is a list of LDS ministering ideas and tips and ways Circles can help you stay in touch with your ward members! 

Keep Track of Your Ministering Family’s Likes and Dislikes

One thing that is important to do in any relationship is to discover each other’s likes and dislikes. This can be in regards to their love languages, and what actions help them feel most valued. Keeping track of your ministering family’s love language helps you find ways to serve them that make the most impact on them. This also makes it easier for you to find ways to reach out to them! If your ministering family appreciates acts of service, bake them cookies! If they crave quality time, make a quick visit every once in a while! Learning love languages takes the guesswork out of serving those around you. Keeping track of these is made easy with the notes function of Circles. If one of your ministering families has an allergy, simply add that detail into the app.

Be a Genuine Friend

Nothing is worse than feeling like a checkbox on someone’s to-do list. To become a good minister, it is important to be a genuine friend! This can be hard when you are specifically assigned to a family as their minister, but it can be done. One way to be a genuine friend is to reach out to them more than once a month, or when a scheduled visit isn’t required anymore. It is also important to simply be there. Showing that you are someone that they can rely on shows the genuine nature of your relationship.

Use Contact Reminders

Reminders are a helpful tool and help you remember to reach out to your ministering families periodically. With contact management tools, like Circles, you can set reminders to reach out to your families weekly, monthly, or multiple times a month. It’s easy to forget to contact the people you care about, but using contact reminders can help you become a better minister.

Schedule Ways to Connect

Something that can help others feel loved is a meaningful connection. When life gets crazy, it is often hard to find time to spend with others. By scheduling ways to connect and putting it into your calendar, you ensure that you will make it happen! These meet-ups don’t even have to be in person. Schedule time to make a phone call, bake them cookies, or stop by their home.

Let Them Know You Want to Help

Everyone needs help, but not everyone is willing to ask for help. Be mindful of ways that you can help each member of your ministering family and be aware of their needs. If you reach out with specific ways you can help your ministering families, you can help take some of the stress and pressure off of their shoulders without even realizing the impact. Coming up with specific ways to help makes it easier for your ministering families to accept help from you. Not only is it important to remember the needs of your ministering families, but you need to act on them.

Remember Things That Are Important to Them

Finally, it’s important to remember the things that are important to your ministering families. Whether this is a birthday or anniversary coming up, an important project that they are finishing up, or a goal they are working to meet, remembering these things will show them that you truly care for them and are invested in their lives.   

Circles Can Help

Utilizing an app like Circles can help you maintain and build meaningful relationships with your ministering families in each of the ways mentioned. Circles offers reminders to help you reach your contact goals and allows you to store all of your information about each of your connections. By automatically importing dates and notes from your phone, you can keep track of what is important to your ministering families. If you are looking for help with these LDS ministering ideas, download Circles today and try it for yourself! 

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