Each of these free productivity apps is essential if you are looking to organize your life. Whether you are a busy individual or a professional who is trying to keep your work life organized, you can always benefit from simplifying your life. Make room for your priorities and learn more about the apps below! 


Todoist is an app for task management that allows users to create simple to-do lists for their personal and professional life. Users can assign priority levels for different tasks to differentiate between the ones that are most important and ones that can be completed later. Another benefit of this productivity app is that it can be easily integrated with your calendar and email. This makes it easy to see all of your scheduled tasks and upcoming events. Todoist also allows you to create subtasks so users can see the big picture as well as the details it will take to get there. This feature helps make overwhelming tasks seem more manageable. Finally, you can utilize the due date features to create recurring tasks and use the reminder feature to never miss a due date! 

Todoist pricing and plans:

Free plan 

  • Up to 80 projects 
  • Up to 5 people per project 

Premium & Business plans:  

  • 300-500 projects 
  • 25-50 people per project 
  • Reminders 
  • Team inbox 


Evernote is an app for mobile and desktop that stores anything you could lose track of. Not only does it work as a notepad that syncs between all of your devices, but it also helps users organize and store important documents. Users can take photos of receipts, tickets, articles, and any other document and save them within different notebooks on the app. Keep clutter at bay by using Evernote to simplify and to organize your life! 

Evernote pricing and plans:


  • 60MB upload limit 
  • 2 devices  
  • Attach PDFs and other documents 

Premium & Business:  

  • 10GB-20GB upload limit 
  • Unlimited devices 
  • Offline access 
  • $7.99-$14.99/month 
  • More account integrations


Slack is a business communication tool that is channel-based and was designed to replace emails as the main method of communication for businesses. It allows users to use the channel feature for group conversations and allows for private messages between employees. Slack messages are searchable so users can find relevant messages and files that they want to review. Slack allows users to integrate other apps with Slack, like Google Drive, Zoom, Office 365 tools, and many more. Slack also has a voice and video call feature that allows users to share their screen and work more cohesively with other teammates who aren’t in the same location—a good app for working from home!  

Slack pricing and plans:


  • Access to 10,00 of your most recent messages 
  • Up to 10 integrations with 3rd party apps 
  • 1:1 voice and video calls 
  • Searchable messages

Standard, Plus, & Enterprise 

  • Video calls with up to 15 teammates 
  • Complete message history 
  • More app integrations 
  • $6.67-$12.50/month 


Asana is a team management tool for mobile and desktop. It helps teams manage work, track project progress, and organize tasks into different projects. Asana simplifies work management when working in a team and helps keep teammates on the same page! Another benefit of this app is that it allows users to view tasks in a list view or in a calendar view to make viewing your to-do list even easier. Users can assign each task to a specific project or teammate, and can add and change due dates. Links and files can be added within each task to show completed work and teammates can add comments and questions as well. By using Asana, users have access to all the elements of a project in one place.  

Asana pricing and plans:


  • Unlimited tasks, projects, and file storage 
  • View tasks in list, board, or calendar view 
  • 100+ free integrations
  • Activity log

Premium, Business, & Enterprise 

  • Timeline 
  • Goals 
  • Free guests 
  • Data export 
  • Advanced integrations 
  • $10.99-$24.99/month 


LastPass is a chrome extension and an app that is essential for companies or people with the tendency to forget their passwordsIt is a password manager that securely stores all your usernames and passwords in a Vault. LastPass will always remember these passwords for you, will give you prompts to use stored passwords when logging into a siteand will autofill the username and password fields. Another feature of LastPass is that it allows users to share their passwords with others. This app saves users time, creates stronger security for passwords, and is convenient for anyone! 

LastPass pricing and plans:  


  • user 
  • One-to-one sharing 
  • Save & autofill passwords 
  • Access on all devices 

Premium & Family plan 

  • Can share with more people 
  • LastPass for applications 
  • 1GB encrypted storage 
  • $3-$4/month
  • Multi-device password sharing 


Woven is an app that allows users to manage multiple calendars and accounts to see every aspect of their schedule. By using Woven, users can juggle work and home with the convenience of a single calendar app. Another benefit of this app is that it allows users to search availability, create polls to vote on meeting times, and integrate scheduling links to make the process of setting up meetings faster and easier. Additionally, this smart calendar has a smart template feature. This allows you to create templates for meeting types, customize the details, and see your details autofill into your calendar.  

Woven pricing and plans:  

Woven is currently free during the app’s beta period


Circles is an app for contact and relationship management that allows users to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their connections. This app makes it easy to keep track of all the details about your contacts, provides reminders to connect with them, and allows you to set goals for how often you want to reach out to each contact. Additionally, Circles allows users to add other details, facts, notes, and important dates for each contact and stores it all in one place. This app also uses push notifications to make sure users never miss a goal! 

Circles pricing and plans:

Circles is free for all users 

These free productivity apps are the top choices from the team at ZooWho and can help you organize every aspect of your life! Don’t believe us? Download them and try them for yourself!  

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