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Circles Is Like a CRM for Your Personal Life

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This Relationship-Nurturing App Will Help You Be a Better Friend

Client-facing professionals often use a customer relationship management tool (or CRM) to prioritize and maintain their business relationships. Entrepreneur Sean Bair saw the effectiveness of this system and realized how important it could be when applied to personal relationships, especially in today’s social media fatigued world. That’s why he decided to create Circles.

Circles is an app that helps users manage their personal relationships by recording details and facts about friends and acquaintances, such as favorite foods, music preferences and social media activity.

Circles also prioritizes connections between users and their contacts by providing gentle reminders to reach out to them based on set time intervals, encouraging continual cultivation of those friendships.

Unlike passive, old-school Rolodex or mobile phone contact systems, Circles will help the user establish and nurture more meaningful relationships with friends, family and colleagues through reminders, geofencing alerts, ties to Amazon wish lists, predictive analytics and an app that captures the right data. Armed with this information, users can begin showing their friends and contacts that they are paying attention to what matters to them and love, serve and nurture their relationship.

It may seem ambitious to claim that an app could make you a better friend, but numerous studies have shown that relationships are cultivated through moments of attention. Circles empowers users to mindfully direct their attention, thereby taking better care of those in their social circle.

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