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Finding Your Networking Personality Type

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networking personality type what is

networking personality type

When you go to a networking event, you may see some of these “networking personalities.” It can be compared to going to a party.

There are those that immediately find people they know and stick with that crowd. There are also the “wallflowers,” who immediately find a corner to stand in. You may even see the “about me” people who love to talk about themselves constantly and at a volume just loud enough for those around them to hear. But there are also the select few who are the “networking masters.” They are the people who seem to know exactly what to say and when to say it. This is what to strive for and we’re going to provide you a few tips on how to do jus that.

If you don’t identify with the networking master, there’s no shame in that. It just means you might need to work on your networking personality. It’s a struggle for many to get out of safety net of their own “bubble.” However, by developing a networking personality that thrives, you can also build your business. It’s a balance between asking questions and providing a little information about you. If you’re not an extrovert by nature, try practicing in front of the mirror or with a friend. Get honest feedback before you find yourself at your next networking event. If you love talking about yourself, try asking more questions next time, to show that you are also interested in the other person.

Networking doesn’t come naturally to many. Find a common ground and balance your comments with questions to develop effective communication. Strive to be a networking master so you can grow as a person and as a business.

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