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How To Export Your LinkedIn Connections

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LinkedIn has become one of the best ways to grow your professional network. It gives you a place to connect with people in your industry and beyond. But how helpful is it if you are not able to remember names and specifics about their profession when you run into them in person?

How to export:

1. Make sure you’re logged in on your account

2. Click the “Me” drop down at the top of your screen (your profile picture)

3. Click “Settings and Privacy” in the drop down menu

4. Click “How LinkedIn Uses Your Data” on the left side of the screen

5. Click “Getting a copy of your data” section

6. Click “change” button that’s to the right of that section

7. Choose what you want to export

8. Only want your connections’ information? Under the second option (“want something in particular?” check the “connections” box)

9. Click “Request Archive”

10. You should receive an email from LinkedIn in about 10 minutes to the email associated with your LinkedIn account

11. When the email comes, follow the link that it gives you

12. Click “download archive”

13. An Excel (.xlsx) file will download and open on your computer

14. From there you can take the names, emails, and other information provided and enter them into your phone contacts and then into Circles so that you have all your LinkedIn contacts in one, organized place!

*Note: If your Connection has made their email private and not open to the public, then it will not show up in the Excel file.

What is Circles?

You can export your Connections and add them to your phone contacts and then, even better, you can upload those new Connections to the Circles app! Circles is a free contact management app that will help you become the networker, friend or neighbor you have always wanted to be by giving you an organized place to keep all the information you learn about the people in your circles.

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