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Redefining How We Maintain Our Relationships with ZooWho

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Never Miss an Anniversary, Birthday, or Opportunity to Connect with This Relationship-Building App

Sean Bair, founder of ZooWho, was on his way to a friend’s house one evening when he remembered that his friend’s son was home from college. As much as Bair tried, he couldn’t remember the young man’s name, despite having met him and having had numerous conversations about him with his father.

Bair realized that night that many people experience this same lapse in detail-specific memory recall and decided to solve the problem with a revolutionary new app: ZooWho.

ZooWho is a personal relationship management app that allows users to record details about their contacts, such as birthdays, personal preferences, and even anecdotes known as factoids. The app seamlessly adapts whether users are concerned with remembering new acquaintances from a cocktail party, keeping track of a niece’s upcoming graduation, or strengthening potential business relationships.

ZooWho doesn’t only remind users of important details about their social circle; it reminds them to regularly reach out to them in order to foster those relationships.

“I called my wife that night, who has an amazing memory, and asked her if she remembered the young man’s name. Of course she did, and the information allowed me to avert an uncomfortable encounter,” said Bair. “I realized I needed a tool that allowed me to easily track my friends and colleagues and make it easy to recall ‘factoids’ like this.”

With ZooWho, app users won’t feel a moment of panic the next time they have to recall an important detail about someone they’ve met previously. They can just reach for their phone and search for it.

Update: ZooWho is now live and available for free on iOS and Android. Download today!


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