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Relationship-Building App ZooWho to Launch This Summer

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ZooWho Uses Technology to Grow Your Personal Relationships, Not Distance Them

With the prevalence of social media in modern society, vital relationships are often reduced to little more than faces on a screen. One company is working to combat the way social media is driving apart our real-world connections with others through their new soon-to-be-released app, ZooWho.

ZooWho serves as a relationship-boosting tool by allowing users to record details about friends and acquaintances, such as important dates, personal favorites and preferences. These details help users remember important things about their inner circle and can even help them become more invested in their friends’ lives.

“Other platforms focus on ‘day of’ events, often for only a birthday. The user is relegated, like everyone else, to writing on their wall or sending a last-minute text,” Sean Bair, founder of ZooWho, said. “This type of response is completely impersonal. It doesn’t strengthen a relationship.”

ZooWho helps users further invest in their friend’s lives by providing them with gentle reminders to reach out to those in their inner circle in order to further cultivate those relationships.

ZooWho’s algorithms take into consideration geography, desired frequency of contact and relationship strength to enable the user to reach out in a more meaningful way,” Bair said. “Imagine receiving a handwritten birthday card in the mail from a friend compared to seeing ‘Happy Birthday’ from one of 40 or more posted on your Facebook wall.”

With ZooWho, users will be able to foster meaningful relationships beyond their screens and grow closer to the people they cherish in their lives.

Update: ZooWho is now live! Download today!


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