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Update Circles Via E-Mail

Typing with just your thumbs can be tedious. In order to help you record important details about your Connections, we have created a way for you to add information to the people in your Circles App by sending an email to circles@zoowho.com.

Watch this video in order to find out how you can use the Circles email updater!

Use this template to craft your own email update:

Your subject line should be the Connection’s email address that you want to update.

Blank Template

Text in [brackets] should be modified

First Name: 
Middle Name: 
Last Name: 
[Title] Address: 
[Title] Phone: 
[Title] Email: 
Filled Template Example

All changes are in red

VIP: Yes
First Name: David
Middle Name: John
Last Name: Williams
Home Address: 123 Main St. Provo, Utah. 84606
Mobile Phone: 801-555-1234
Date: Birthday: 07/20/2020
Work Email: example@gmail.com
Detail: Dog's Name: Spot
Facebook: zoowho
Instagram: zoowhoinc
Twitter: zoowhoinc
LinkedIn: zoowho-inc
YouTube: zoowho
URL: www.zoowho.com
Factoid: Loves sushi
Goal: Write his first novel
Note: This is my first note!
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