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The Secrets to Strategic Online Marketing

By April 13, 2020January 26th, 2021No Comments

However your customers connect with your brand, they are always looking for quicker ways to do so. Roughly 81 percent of customers begin their journey through the sales funnel already having conducted extensive online research. Enhance the way marketing approaches customer service with these helpful recommendations.

Customer-focused data: Having an online presence is a great way to learn about consumer behaviors and shopping patterns. Go a step further and evaluate how consumers are purchasing products, through which channels and what they’re most likely to respond to. This will help give you a better idea of which customers can be further supported based on ROI. Hold weekly meetings with your contact center agents and ask them for any additional insight and pain points to better address their problems in the future.

Inbound marketing: An inbound approach is customer-focused, instead of product-focused. It’s about the customer finding you, rather than you going after the customer. The concept behind inbound marketing is to address customer pain points instead of trying to close a deal to show them your brand means more. Use channels like social media, online chats and email to show consumers your brand is different from the rest and interested in helping improve their experience.

KPIs: Identifying key performance indicators can help you see how valuable customers are, and where to improve the customer experience to optimize these opportunities. Customer-centric marketing teams will use various KPIs to evaluate how effective customer acquisition and retention have been throughout each marketing strategy or campaign. Make it a point to share your KPIs with front-line agents to ensure everyone is on the same page and understanding goals for the business.

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