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Circles Features

Action Oriented Dashboard

Easily see who you should connect with to nourish your relationships and meet your goals.

  • Set goals for how often you want to connect with people in your network.
  • Remember important events before it's too late to celebrate your relationships.
  • Keep track of tasks to make sure you're nurturing your network.
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Custom Emailer

Schedule and send email campaigns to your network from your own email address.

  • Use beautiful, custom designs for a professional look and feel in your email communications.
  • Automatically keep track of emails back and forth with your clients and leads in Circles.
  • Avoid being marked as spam by using your own email for your campaigns.
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Upcoming Events

See a list of important events coming up in the lives of your network.

  • Set custom reminders to make sure you have plenty of time to get a gift.
  • Remember to be thoughtful when your clients move to a new home or get a new job.
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Mapping Capabilities

See where your clients and leads live to better plan your visits and trips.

  • Efficiently plan your visits based on where your clients and leads live.
  • Use pins or hotspot mapping to view your Connections' information straight from the map.
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Communication Timelines

See a record of how you've connedcted with each of your Connections to pick up where you left off.

  • Simply BCC to record the email automatically when you send it.
  • Automatically update your progress toward your contact goals when you record your communications.
  • Never forget what you've already talked about and where you've left off.
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